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C.B. Heinemann: Home

Dogs Among the Bushes

Hello and welcome to the C.B. Heinemann website! Here is where you can find out about upcoming gigs, recordings, tours, and even where I'm having articles or short stories published. Over time I'll put other bits in here to entertain those who come.

--Due to a thumb sprain, I won't be playing much from July to October 2018--but I'll still play at the Tuesday night seisuns!

At long last my newest CD, Lost Pictures and Loose Conversations, is out and available on CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon, etc.

My first novel, "The Last Buskers of Summer," is out! You can find it online at A collection of my short stories, "Tales From the Musical Trenches," is also out. These are also available at Barnes and Noble Nook.

In case you're wondering, I play guitar (6-and 12-string, flatpicking and fingerpicking), bouzouki, mandolin, bass, drums, a bit of tenor banjo, and also sing. I play a lot of traditional Irish music, but I guess my claim to infamy is that I write fair number of my own songs which people seem to like--I get more requests for my own songs than anything else!

Every Tuesday night Doc Botzer and I host the seisun at McGinty's right in the middle of downtown Silver Spring. It's always a lot of fun, and interesting people show up every week, some from far away. We often have well-known musicians stop by, and many great musicians come every week. It's a blast, the welcome is always warm, and the Guinness is always good.

Dogs Among the Bushes (Meself, Charlie MacVicar and Bob Young) continue to appear at The Cat's Eye Pub in Fells Point, Baltimore on the 4th Wednesday of every month. We've been playing at that famous waterfront pub for many, many yearsw. It's an interesting and historic place, and we always have a good time.

This past few years I've had a lot of my short stories find homes in literary magazines. In addition, "Freiburgitis" was included in collection of short stories published by 2Leaf Prees, "Whereabouts." "Celts, Kilts,and Kips" and "Troubled Holiday in Dear Old Erin" were published in another collection, "Florida English," and "A Few Tunes in the Pub" appeared in "Whisperings." They're not all yet available online, but here are just a few from past and present that you can visit:

"The Price of a Toilet in Oldenburg,"

"Concert in Savona,"

"Lost in Asturias"

"Small Worlds"

"Back to the Stone Age"

"Swan Song for Wild Rick"

"Galileo's Hood"

"A Party North of Baltimore"


If you goggle my name you'll find many other stories that can also be read online. Go ahead! It might be fun!

To hear an interview with slide show, go to


936 Nichols Drive

Laurel, MD 20707