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C.B. Heinemann: More Bands

DOGS AMONG THE BUSHES was started by C.B. and Charlie MacVicar (vocals, uillean pipes, flute, whistle, harmonica) as an outlet for musical ideas that were a bit out of the usual. They added Bob Young on bass, and the sound took off. Though they played with other members over the years (Terry O'Neill, Rob Kilgore, Myron Bretholz, Robin Bullock), these three have been the core of the band. Dogs Among the Bushes have toured in the U.S. and more extensively in Europe, where they were the first American band invited to the Festival Interceltique in Lorient, France.

THE HEDGEROWS play deeply traditional Irish music and feature some great musicians. With Dennis "Doc" Botzer on fiddle, flute and whistle; multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire Spencer Nitche on banjo, fiddle, flute, guitar, and concertina; Charlie MacVicar on vocals, pipes, flute, whistle, and harmonica; and C.B. on vocals, guitars, and bouzouki, The Hedgerows style is full of interesting and dynamic arrangements and great songs.

THE GROWLERS Charlie MacVicar and C.B. have been playing together for decades, and their chemistry makes for quite an evening! Their vocal harmonies are exquisite.