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C.B. Heinemann: Music

The Stranger Within

(C.B. Heinemann)
February 22, 2010
C.B. Heinemann

Why does darkness cover my eyes
When no storm clouds trouble the skies
Why must we all sleep through our lives
To awake alone in the silence of night?
While I dream of forbidden sin
I can feel the stranger within

Why do we heed voices unknown
Sometimes high, sometimes low
Why is it that we forever turn
To reach out our fingers to places that burn
Who opens doors we should never go in?
The hidden hand of the stranger within

All is a dream All is a dream

You open the trap door under your feet
Throw all your treasure out onto the street
Speak the wrong words when everyone hears
Build all you dreams on worry and fear
Who would end the story before it begins?
Always there, the stranger within

All is a dream All is a dream

You hear your own voice when you speak to a friend
Saying the words you know will offend
When fortune smiles on you your face turns away
When the time’s right you stall and delay
Who sets you up to fall on your chin
A silent partner, the stranger within