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C.B. Heinemann: Music


(C.B. Heinemann)
February 22, 2010
C.B. Heinemann

Today I’m walking up the street
Into the liquor store
While I’m buying beer or wine
I’ll ask for one thing more
I’ll get some kind of ticket
For the lottery
I’ll stick that in my wallet
And go home and watch TV

When my numbers win at last
At first I’ll have a cow
But it will an Emmentaler
Or a nice Swiss Brown
It won’t take longer than an hour
To get my ass in gear
I’ll be on that plane by evening
And won’t shed a single tear

You see everybody in my family’s dead
Or else has gone insane
Most of my relationships
Have plunged right down the drain
My dreams have blown up in my face
That’s why I have this look
In Switzerland nobody cares if you’re a prince or crook

Everybody here says this land
Is the best land anywhere
Most people here never looked beyond
Their unwashed underwear
If CEOs and lying politicians
Are your thing
You can stay right here my friend
And watch them live like kings

I’ll go up in the mighty Alps
And live in a chalet
Right above some former Roman city
In the Swiss Valais
I’ll eat good cheese and chew good bread
And drink lots of sparkling wine
If anybody asks for me
I’ll say, “Blicken Sie herein”

Maybe I can find a place
And nobody will tell
Overlooking the lake of Biel
Or maybe Neuchatel
I’ll bring my wife and cats along
In the garden we will gaze
Staring at the scenery
For days and days and days

Everybody owns a gun
And everybody’s rich
Nobody lives out on the street
Forced to sleep in a ditch
Everybody has good health
And speaks five languages
So many clocks you never have
To ask what time it is

So fare thee well you people
I’ve had quite enough of you
You’ve screwed me over long enough
It’s time to say screw you
I’m living high in Switzerland
In Switzerland I’ll die
And when you blow each other up
Don’t expect to see me cry