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C.B. Heinemann: Music

Cold Rainy September

(C.B. Heinemann)
February 22, 2010
C.B. Heinemann

When you see me today, eyes dim and hair gray
You might never guess where I’ve been
I smoked and I cursed, but that’s not the worst
I broke many girls hearts and looked back with a grin
But I got my comeuppance, as you might have guessed
From a girl who was more than my match
She had lovely dark eyes, and she packed a surprise
She let me know I could never come up to scratch

It was a cold rainy September
I took matters into my hands
After two quarts of wine I made up my mind
I went out on the road in the wind and the rain

The first time I saw her she walked into my class
And sat down at a desk on my right
I feel asleep with eyes crossed reading “Paradise Lost”
And woke up with my nose in the palm of her hand
She never came back, I thought it must have been me
I wanted at least to apologize
But I remembered so much waking up to her touch
And that quizzical look she held in her eyes

When I saw her again I was telling bad jokes
And drinking too much to see straight
I showed up at her home after trying to phone
Until the police informed me the hour was late
I came off like a fool, but still thought I was cool
So like a fool I kept trying my luck
One day we got talking, and as we were walking
She kissed me, and that moment I knew I was stuck

I was caught by my lies--don’t pretend you’re surprised
We argued and then she was gone
I cast about blame, but it’s always the same
I’m left wondering just what side that I’m on
Now I’ve traveled through many far countries
And drank far too much that I should
Between fear of tomorrow and yesterday’s sorrow
They say live in the moment, I wish that I could