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C.B. Heinemann: Music

Every Finger Points At You

(C.B. Heinemann)
February 22, 2010
C.B. Heinemann

You tell someone a secret you think it’s in confidence
Don’t want it to go further
You find yourself judged on all the wrong evidence
Like the rumor of a murder
You tell someone else
Who tells someone else
A true story sounds better with a lie
Add a new angle
The whole thing gets tangled
When it comes back to you it makes you want to cry

Everything you say goes around and around etc., until it hits the ground
Every point of view throws the whole thing askew
Every finger points at you

You go out somewhere you run into a friend
You start to shake his hand
He turns his face away, didn’t quite catch what he say
Your presence has been banned
Next thing you know the thing starts to blow
You come off looking like Godzilla in Tokyo
Things you start to hear sound awfully queer
What’s that they say? Better have another beer

Then you stay home don’t want to say another word
People start to talk
Want to know what goes on behind your closed doors
You’re the crazy on the block
You move out of town
Dress all in brown
Have to change your name and even paint your cat
Until you meet someone
Who tells you something
About some guy around who dresses up his pet rat