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C.B. Heinemann: Music

If They Knew

(C.B. Heinemann)
February 22, 2010
C.B. Heinemann
If They Knew

You left your home long years ago
For lands you’d never known
But left behind some questions never answered
You wandered many different paths
And followed many roads
But every road you followed was the wrong one
A restless heart can never find one place to call a home
For every place becomes a mirror
You must face someday and face alone

Now the way you’ve gone has
Led you back where you began
You choked down all your pride
And came back home again
Everything remains the same
And only you have changed
The friends you knew still
Carry the same pain
People talk about you, saying what they’ll never say
You’ll never hear their questions
They’ll never let you come and tell them

You had to go
You had to go
You had to go where no one knew you
Or heard stories that pursue you
None can know
No one can know
If they did you’d end up locked away forever
Your only bond severed forever
If they knew