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C.B. Heinemann: Music

Something Is Coming

(C.B. Heinemann)
February 22, 2010
C.B. Heinemann

As I stand here in my life
I see my past cut as by a knife away from me
Now a memory
It’s true that with every day
I think more about yesterday and not today
Or even tomorrow

Something good is coming
Something who can say
Is coming to me every day
If I can only find a way to see the truth

When a passion burns your heart
And every day is like a start of something new
That lasts forever
Images and feelings that
No day goes by can I forget
Last forever–a drop in the sea

I love everyone–that I ever–I still remember you if you still remember me at all

Now the winds that blow so cold
Remind me that I will grow old
And my reality will someday die with me
Images and feelings that
No day goes by can I forget
Live forever–a drop in the sea

Sometimes when my world seems dead
There’s only chaos in my head
And the happy days
Seem so far away
I must try to remind myself
That I’m not put up on some shelf
And that today–is more than yesterday