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C.B. Heinemann: Music

The Bold Buskers

(C.B. Heinemann)
February 22, 2010
C.B. Heinemann

One night as I lay sleeping
Not a thing inside was creeping
A distant sound fell on my ears
Into my dreams came leaping
Like a thousand voices singing
Or a thousand bells were ringing
I jumped right up then from my bed
To see what the night was bringing

Outside I heard no talking
But a million people walking
Without a sound all down the road
While a few like me stood gawking
I asked where they were going
As their number kept on growing
Some said that I should come along
Merge with the river flowing

Then came two women weeping
Carrying infants sweetly sleeping
And then a man with bags of gold
Out of which his coins where leaking
A preacher his bible waving
Shouting it our souls he was saving
He howled and cursed into the night
Toward the fate that he was craving

Don’t follow them to darkness, no
Don’t give away your own life
They might use their words to hypnotize then
Turn those words into a knife
When the wind howls down
All through the dying town
Then you know it’s time to go and never go back no more

I found two friends there waiting
In raised voices debating
As I ran up they grabbed my arms
Their eyes were calculating
They pulled me into hiding
Behind a pile of old tin siding
And handed me an old guitar
Said, “Get in the car, we’re riding.”

So then we went out traveling
Through a world that was unraveling
We roamed around from town to town
Saw sights both strange and baffling
Til one day we saw a city
And a sight that wasn’t pretty
All the people now locked behind iron walls
By masters without pity

From behind the walls came pounding
As in desperation sounding
We played our music through the night
While the moon and stars were rounding
From the silence grew a chorus
In the dark city before us
Until those walls tumbled and fell
And the people emerged from darkness